Marry a man who loves you more than you love him

My mother once told me: 

When you hold a man’s hand and he makes your heart beat faster and he makes you feel giddy and excited, walk away from this man. He is not the man for you. If you hold a man’s hand and he makes you feel warm, safe and secure, hold onto him. This is the man you are going to marry. 

I was 16 when my mother told this to me. At that time, I thought it made absolutely no sense and I told my mother that she was insane if she thought I was going to be some mechanical, unfeeling being who would pick the “safe” choice over the great love affair that burns with a passion deep enough to consume us. I have always been someone who gets carried away by her feelings. When my mother said that I should marry a man who loves me more than I love him, I thought it an impossible feat. By nature, I have always been the one who over-invests in a relationship and thus, I felt that I would always be the one who will love the other person more. But as I grew up, I began to tear the veil from my eyes and see that love is not just some Walt Disney movie with a fairytale ending. Love is hard. Relationships are hard. We do not always get what we want and often, a burning passion is not enough to make a relationship work. 

The other day, a friend and I were having our weekly lunch at Uni, and the topic of love came up. She mentioned that unlike her previous relationship, she felt no great overwhelming passion for her current boyfriend and it was definitely a case of her boyfriend loving her more than she loved him. Yet, it felt good. She was learning to love him more each day and she felt it was something that would last longer. 

And she was right..

Somehow, along the way, we grew up and so did our ideas of love. When we were young and feckless, we thought love had to be the kind that encompassed great passion and had to be highly dramatic and we were all entranced with the idea of “as long as we love each other, everything will be fine”. Things change…and suddenly passion was no longer desired but the feeling of security was. 

My parents did not marry because they were in love. Like many of their generation, they got married because it was time and both were suitable parties. Yet, in 32 years of marriage, they have learnt to love each other and are comfortable with each other. My father is not a romantic man. He does not extend romantic gestures towards my mother and yet, it is in the little things that he does for her everyday that shows how much he loves her. My parents like to go for a morning walk, time permitting, around the Botanic Gardens. On one such occasion, my mother’s shoelace came loose and my father, a prominent business man and 10 years her senior, squatted down in public at a traffic light to re-tie them for her because he knew she had a knee problem that would have prevented her from tying them herself. When my parents go on trips, my father often leaves my mother to sleep in while he goes out to buy her breakfast. 

My mother is not big on expressing sentiments either. Once, my mother came to visit me in Australia, and I asked her if she would miss my father. Her response was a vehement “No, of course not! I won’t miss the snoring!!!” But her actions said otherwise. My mother would call my father at least once a day while she was in Australia to check in on him. And I realized that despite my father’s frequent traveling, my parents did not spend more than 24 hours apart without at least one phone call. 

When I was younger, I told myself that I would not be like my parents and that I would marry for love. Now that I am older (and hopefully wiser), I realize that what I really want is a marriage like my parents; One where we are comfortable with each other and learn to love each other more each day. A relationship that starts at the peak with an all-consuming passion has a higher risk of burning out quickly. It is my belief that a relationship that starts on a strong foundation of moderate love, mutual respect, shared beliefs and tolerance has a greater potential of growing better each day…just like fine wine. 

As the saying goes..

 I love you more today than I did yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow.


~ by 3lm0l0v3r on February 19, 2008.

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  1. ..She was learning to love him more each day and she felt it was something that would last longer..
    when patrick and i started out.. i wasn’t really head over heels in love with him.. there was no passion burning as some would say.. but there’s a different kind of feeling.. one that makes you feel good whenever i spend my time with him.. there is comfort.. it was warm.. it was the kind i wouldn’t expect will come to me.. but it did.. patrick loved me more than my past has loved me before.. i really don’t want to let go.. because i found love in the most unexpected places with the most unexpected person.. and i never thought it’d be sweet..

  2. Thanks for the sharing, it is just what i need right now. I was in 2 relationships in which i was totally in love and i thought, “Fairy tales do exist.” Before I could share my “tale” with anyone else, they were over. I never felt secure in those relationships. The 2 guys were more in love with themselves than in me. I felt that I was treated like a doormat when I was willing to go the extra mile for them. Now, there is a guy who has been paying some attention to me though I’m not sure if he is someone whom I want to be with. He is nice, helpful and caring to those around him…. but he is unlike the guys who were in my life – romantic, eloquent and knows how to utter sweet nothings… however, now I’m beginning to see that, I may not know what is good for me after all….indeed, girls have to grow up and look beyond the said and see the unsaid which is a man’s character that is proven by his actions rather than words….

  3. hi skye..

    i just have to say.. thanks for sending that comment..
    coming from 2 short lived relationships.. i kinda know how u feel.. true that.. loving is process and so is learning.. i guess i just want you to know that you have to learn to love yourself more before u can truly love other people.. try not to get lost in them.. but standout as a separate individual..
    and this time be more careful.. like you.. i just don’t want you to get hurt.. the guy that’s paying attention to you right now.. get to know him more.. we all know that guys always have their one foot forward in everything..
    i wish you well.. 🙂

  4. this is beautiful and yes, I agree with everything written up there. I used to disillusioned with the fact that things should feel as if it came straight out of a Hallmark card.

    i too just got out of a quasi-relationship and it really taught me well for the nth time. I guess life has this way of hitting you with a ball countless times until you learn how to duck.

    over-exerting was my weakness. i thought that while doing so, I was forging a strong bond between the two of us but sadly, this isn’t so especially if the other person’s not doing anything to forge whatever it was between us. 😛 Bottom line, lesson learned, fresh start, wiser and stronger and yeah, a new outlook about what love truly is…

  5. Your mother’s wise saying opens my eyes.

    I had hold a man’s hand who makes my heart beat faster, excited and giddy. I thought that was my true love. The feeling (lust) was so passionate and dreamy.

    I’m holding a man’s hand who makes me feel warm, safe and secure. I used to compare this with the previous relationship. It ought to be passionate. But it is this man whom I love more each day. Sometimes, I still miss the passionate feeling and doubt which one is my true love.

    Your mother’s advice gives me the answer.

  6. yes, your mother is right. Marry the guy who loves you more than you love him. I married a guy who loves me less. He is more interested about himself. It feels like hell. He does not care for me.

    • Marry the guy who loves you more than you love him. I married a guy who loves me less. He is more interested about himself. It feels like hell.

      In other words give him hell, but he won’t leave you because he loves you more. Loving someone more than they do consumes you and so by that understanding you have to find a man who would rather be consumed by love is the ultimate quest. I understand self-love is the first love. All the best.

  7. THE BEST I’VE EVER READ! It made my day, and days to come. It took me till now to realize how stupid and blind i have been.And also confirms that the decision I’ve made ain’t wrong to let go of the prince charming and hang-on to the brave worrier… hehe THANKS a ZILLION 🙂 May gods blessing always be with U.

    • thank you. i’m glad that it helped you. it did me the same thing. God bless you too. 🙂

  8. This post, is the answer i have been seeking for in the last 3 years. I think I can finally say yes to him now. Thank you, and you must be so lucky to have such a wise mother.

    • this is actually just a repost from someone and not my mother. it has helped me that’s why i reposted it. i was new to blogging then i forgot where i read this post. my way of saying thank you is also to share this post. glad that it has helped you. 🙂

  9. I really, really needed to hear this. Thank you so very much for posting. I ended an engagement about a year and a half ago with a man who I worshiped. We had dated for four years and I went to any/every extreme for him, including literally climbing some of the tallest mountains in the country. I learned a lot during our relationship, but ultimately I loved him way more than he loved me and that caused our downfall. Today I am with a man who adores me, and while I love him as well, my mind gets wrapped up in the ex all the time. In fact, though the ex is seeing someone new, he comes around every so often hoping to get something from me, dangeling the “what if concept” and saying things like “with you, there’s always a possibility.” Our passion is so charged that hearing things like that really mess with me, yet who is there when the lights go down, or when the going gets tough? My new love, not the ex. I’m scared of never having that strong heated passion that I had with my ex again, but like you said, I think it comes down to growing up and learning what mature love really is.

    Thank you.

    • I’m glad that this article was able to help the way that it did to me. it’s been more than 3 years. i’m glad that i ended all my self-consumed relationship. my man and i will celebrate our 9th month this may. and i’m happy and thankful that i finally found the one.

      “It is my belief that a relationship that starts on a strong foundation of moderate love, mutual respect, shared beliefs and tolerance has a greater potential of growing better each day.”

  10. I come across this article and it gives me peace. I was “passionately” in love with my ex since the age of 12. Finally at 16 we dated briefly, but he treated me like crap and ended the relationship to date someone else at his college. Well 6 years later, he married her. But through out their relationship, he was always running back to me to try to work things out. I rejected him, because I wanted him to live with his decision to leave me for someone else. Even two weeks before his wedding, he tried again and I still shut him down. We are still friends and similar to the other poster’s scenario, my ex too tries to slip little comments in here and there about what a big mistake he made choosing her over me. Well, too bad.

    What he fails to realize is that I have no regrets. When he left me, I started dating a wonderful man who thinks that I am his PERFECT little sunshine. This amazing man adores me beyond comprehension. I CAN SEE IT; I CAN FEEL IT. Everyone around can feel and see it as well. It is the feeling of warmth, comfort, security, and surprisingly PASSION. I love the way he loves me. His love for me creates the passion and excitement that I once thought the relationship lacked.

    So yes. Do marry the man that loves you more because in the end, you will be a happier woman.

    • First of all I would like to thank the lady who re-posted this blog. Thank you so much! And SmartNsassy, thank you for your sharing. It really helped me! God bless you

  11. Good to know. I too married a man who loves me more than I love him or so it seems. We have all the trust, care, communication, mutual respect and basic foundation but not quite the passion I had for the men in my past. They all turned out to be abusers in one form or another. Sometimes I question if I should set him free to find one that loves him as much as he loves her – am I being selfish or settling for less than. Time will tell I suppose but I do miss the tingly can’t wait to see you passion feeling – will that ever come….

  12. Very wise. I heard this growing up as well.

  13. I was involved with a man who I felt so lucky to be around because I had fallen into a lull and wondered if any man I wanted would want me. He included me in his family functions and I was really invested in him. I began to realize he was less invested than I was as he wouldn’t introduce me to some of his friends and he would make reference to running into his exes rather often.

    Days before Christmas last year he called and told me he had no feelings for me and didn’t care about me. Then right before Valentine’s Day he called as if nothing had happened. I realized he wanted to spend that day with me and I told him it was not going to happen. I was shocked that after betraying me he thought I would jump at his offer. All I can reason is that he realized that I was more invested in the relationship than he was the entire time and assumed he would exploit the situation. Fortunately I was onto him and realized I shouldn’t have to give so much emotionally to someone who wasn’t in love with me. Oh yeah, when he realized I had wised up, he wrote me a letter, where for the first time since I met him he said he loved me. Reading the other comments I see this was his version of dangling. He didn’t back up the letter with any actions. Thank you for writing this post. I’ve heard it before but this is a good reminder, Marry a man who loves you more than you love him.

  14. What if you find someone who’s both? That’s how I feel…

  15. This is funny but my mom has always told me the same thing. I actually found your blog because I searched up this statement just to see if anyone else believed in this as well. =D

  16. Wow! So well written. I feel each and every word of it 🙂
    I used to believe in eternal dramatic passionate love too. The crazy all-consuming kind. But experience has taught me otherwise.

  17. Im a 39 year old woman who is currently in a relationship where I love him way more. Hes 47 years old and is all about himself. What this situation has put me through is anything short of a mental breakdown. You wonder “Maybe if I looked better.” or “If I just wait a bit longer.” Its been 6 months and I told him I loved and his response was “I think I love you.” Ive gained 25lbs since last August and Ive lost hope in most things. Reading this article really helped me to realize Im not the only one. Thank you to the author.

    • Wow, this is actually scary to read as a man! When a man does open up to a woman..he has to be concerned that she loves him less, or there is no passion like with a man that’s from her past. Wow I’m probably having the same issues and I don’t even know it

    • I think you should definately not invest in this type of relationship at all. This is because this eye opener of a blog really affirmed me that my man who clearly loves me more i love him is going to be there for me at times when i am broken and cannot compose myself. Maybe its just me ? But whenever i cared more about the other person it never worked and for some reason this just feels right when i hold his hands i do feel secure and well taken care of and that feeling is more important that passions and great tales of love because security and mental peace comes before any kind of infatuation and desire 🙂
      If you find a man who really loves you and you love him or really like him you should not let go of him because he is the one who will appreciate you throughout your life


    • I wanted to bring a different perspective if that’s ok. I don’t believe it has to do with less love. I think it’s more to do with how we behave differently as woman when we are very attracted to someone. When someone has all the sparks and chemistry we’re so excited and swept up and we begin wanting to hold on to that relationship instead of letting the guy come to us. It might start with small things. Like not calling, showing up late. And we don’t want to seem clingy so we say “oh, that’s all right. I’m sure time just got away from you.” Guys are smart about these things. “hey she just let me off the hook. I’ve got her” and once guys in a young relationship feel they no longer have to try, they don’t.
      Compare that to someone you don’t find that attractive not calling or showing up late. We would close the door in their face.
      I believe we can have the love and the passion and the respect. But I think it’s up to us women not to lower the bar when we start feeling the big love and passion, and too often we do. And when a guy sees that, subconsciously he feels he must be the better catch and gets bored.

    • I believe this to be true, but is this something you announce to him and the rest of the world? I would feel odd if someone just flat out told me this and said it publicly on facebook or twitter. I know someone who did this after postponing their wedding twice.

  18. I completely agree with this, my mom always told me the same thing as well and she’s been with my dad for abotu 30 years and going strong. In the past I would always have my heart broken because I would love the guy too much, my with my current bf it’s perfect. I feel like he loves me a bit more than I love him. And it’s the perfect feeling of security, giving me the ability to focus on my own life and not obessessing about the current guy I’m dating

  19. I’m so glad I found this, I knew I had heard this saying before. I’m 38 and with someone younger who loves me more then I love him, not to say I don’t love him, he just one ups me. He’s everything I’ve wanted, other then the sexual part. He’s not into that at all, which is interesting, and new to me.

    Here’s the thing, I also have someone that I know that is a passionate kind of love, matching with the younger then me scenario, also love but more passion, it’s great reading other people’s opinions. It’s good to know I’m not crazy for wondering these things.

  20. Women eventually crave security more than men. Their stock in trade (their youth and beauty) becomes less and less of a commodity as they age. Men simply have more options. I can’t tell you how many of my female friends I have seen “settle” when they are ready to start a family and have a baby. Of course, that type of man may be more appropriate to the goal. If you want a sports car, you buy a Porsche, if you want a family car, you buy a sedan or an suv or the (dreaded) mini van. All depends on what you goals are. Yes, whoever loves less holds the power in the relationship. From my experience, a responsible man who holds that power is better at running a relationship and keeping the woman chasing him just a little bit more, which is what women want anyway. Read any romance novel. Unfortunately few men know or understand the art of guiding a relationship this way.

  21. And to follow up

  22. Waw, you just made my tears fall! actually i’m living in a complicated situation, i don’t see passion in the eyes of the man that i like, i don’t know if we have mutual feelings or not, at some point i started wondering why am i making such effort ? why am i trying to get closer if he is not even trying ? i see him approching other girls and i feel jealous but if it was for him i see nothing from his side !! for the moment i feel so exhausted especially after living a similar relationship before ! my problem is i always get in relationships where i’m the one who makes the effort to get the relationship to the next level ! i’m 24 years old, although i’m young, i feel sick of relationships, i’m scared of loving a person that doesn’t deserve it. And you lightened a candle for me, from now on that’s my principle i’ll only care for the person who loves me, i will never make effort only to the one who deserves it, i’ll forget all the love stories that i read, romance can only destroy my dignity !!! Thanks a lot for awakening me

  23. i am currently dating someone who loves me so much but i have this feeling of guilt because i dont think i can love him as much as he loves me. as i was reading your post, it opened up my eyes and appreciate the man who cares so much and loves me so much.

    “When you hold a man’s hand and he makes your heart beat faster and he makes you feel giddy and excited, walk away from this man. He is not the man for you. If you hold a man’s hand and he makes you feel warm, safe and secure, hold onto him. This is the man you are going to marry.”

    This is going to be hard but i will keep this in mind.

    Marry a man who loves you more than you love him


  24. I have a man in my life, my first boyfriend. I have waited for a good while for a selfless man and I found one. Hes so genuine kind hearted and looks into my eyes in awe. He tells me he loves going out of the way for me. He has always done this for his other girlfriends but they end up cheating and hurting him. But there are some hesitation now on my part. He was very serious in telling me ” I’m so in love with you and will always be, always. I just don’t know what I would do if I lost you”. I love him, I care for him, and I wish to always have him in my life because he is my best friend. But there isn’t any passion and (not that hes unattractive) I don’t know if I could have a physical (sexual) relationship, I don’t know if I’m in love with him anymore to act on it. But I know if I married him (he tells me he wants a family with me) he would always think of me and care for me sweetly.

    My question to you would be: Would you rather marry a kind man that shows you love more than you could ever, and love him but not be in love? Or marry a man that you are certain your in love with but he does not allow actions to speak for his love to you?

  25. Thank you for this article. I am currently with the most caring, kind, wonderful man who truly loves me and treats me like his whole world. However, there was no ‘head over heels’ passion like in my past few relationships. I have spent the past year and a half analyzing whether that means something is wrong and that he is not the man for me, despite everything else about us clicking and me knowing in my head that he is the kind of guy you shouldn’t let go and should want to marry some day. I tried to remind myself that my past two super passionate relationships were with guys who didn’t actually fit with me long-term; one of those being an extremely toxic relationship that left me with lots of emotional scars. So I know that passion can blind you in the beginning. Your article, and all the subsequent comments agreeing with it, really have helped me realize that there is nothing ‘wrong’ with my relationship and I should continue to celebrate what we have. Thank you!

  26. wow so glad i read this 🙂 thank you so much.

  27. my parents dont love each other,even if they do they`re not comfortable expressing their love…whenever i fell in love with someone,i had to end my relationship,because of not having peace in my mind,i love this guy since 5yrs now,havnt seen hm in ages now,still hoping to be with him again,sometymes hate my life..

  28. I am a guy who is 32 (UK). I love a girl who is from a different culture (Chinese) with all my heart. I am an artist/ musican, a little sensitive.. I create things for her all the time; write her songs, draw her picture, recently made her a purse. We are close friends, I would like more, but she can’t give that to me now. She believes in no sex before marriage, is quite a private person. My life has changed considerably since feeling this way. Friends tell me I should be patient with her, and things seem to be improving, slowly, but I can’t help thinking otherwise. I want to be selfless and love her enough to let her go if she finds another, but it hurts so much.
    I feel foolish, and lose myself to these feelings.
    I wish I could have the strength & sagaity your mother has.
    My heart goes out to the people who suffer love sickness.

  29. Does it really matter who gives more or who gives less?
    My personal view (don’t mean to negate the bloggers view) , If you weigh love, it’s not love at all.
    Love is meant to be unpredictable and risky, not safe.
    Love doesn’t always have to be explosive and romantic, it could be as simple as you are happiest with him,
    Love doesn’t have to be passive or lukewarm or safe to make it work, The excitement of uncertainty and differences or the couple could also make a relationship last. The spine tingling sensation that comes with the uncertainty not only spices up the relationship but also a molds us to be a better partner.
    There is nothing more to learn and improve inside a relationship that settles in mediocrity.
    How can one say that one is able to learn to love a person when one chooses to be safe? Could it be that the feeling one think is love could be just a feeling of comfort and safety?

  30. Thank you so much for this article! I have been on the edge about my engagement and upcoming wedding, thinking about postponing, and I was praying God would show me something that would give me an answer. I have been so down the past couple of weeks because I felt like my fiance and I were growing apart, but it wasn’t so. He still loved me the exact same, and it felt like he loved more than I love him. And I never realized that was a good thing until now. Our romance may not be as intense and passionate as it was at the beginning, but the security of me knowing that I have a man who is committed to me and loves me is far better than any fling, and it’s priceless. Thank you again!!! (:

  31. I love every single word this is so deep got me really thinking about the men I dated

  32. I searched this topic because of a heart to heart I was having with my sister. And that phrase has been stuck in my mind for a week. I recently went thru a divorce and have been so sad. But mainly because I’ve been dating and realize that I too give more than he gives me. I’m a hopless romantic. But growing more I’m seeing this statement is true. Love is grand. But the security, safety, mature love seems to be the right direction.

  33. I am currently dating 2 men…in one relationship there’s the passion but in the other there’s the stability and security. I’m 25 and looking to marry (one of these men). I can’t seem to shake the passion for the stability. I make excuses to keep the passion around regardless of how many times he lies or cheats. Maybe it’s because I am young. Of course I love the passionate boyfriend more than he loves me…it’s a reality I accepted upon reading this post. Like many of the poster’s, my mom always told me to marry a man who loves me a tad bit more than I love him because inherently women are more giving…it’s a maternal thing. So we give, give, give and merely receive. I have to get this together before I ruin what I have in the stable relationship…and soon…

  34. I am in a relationship with someone whom i have not met yet..but will soon..we know each other since last 6yrs..talking on net..n in a relationship since 3yrs(in those 6yrs) I took it very slow as i always had felt tht love happens only after meeting someone in real, but as years passed he changed my concept..n i fell in love with him..he always said that he loves me more…he even tatood my name on his arms without me asking for it…(thts a real its true) i know that doesnt matter…when i update a sad status on a networkng site he gets a msg on his phone n asap he calls me to check on me if i m allright…he does little things like this which make me feel he is the one…but there have been times where i have been crying for him…we have had out share of conflicts even for small issues and its always me trying to make the relationship work, apologizing, and forgetting the conflict and behaving normal as nothing happend…sometimes i feel its always me putting the efforts whereas he always says he loves me more…i have seen in his actions that he loves me(even though its a net relationship) but when conflicts happen its jst me to make things allright…n sometimes i feel if i dun make this allright he wont do nything from his side… i really dont know what should i do or where am i bcoz i dont think i can leave him…bcoz he has made me feel special and still does…i dont want to try another guy in real bcoz i know the way i share things with him or i am comfortable with i wont be with anybody else…we both have thought to meet and then think about marriage and tell our family…which is also another issue as we both are from different countries..(i know its not practical but…) n now…i dont know if i should talk about marriage with him…thought i really love him and cant be without him…but i feel i dont want to marry him bcoz i dont want to be the one always putting and striving hard for the relationship…i dun know what to do

    ANY ADVICE Will BE WELCOME…i hope somebody will read this post and guide me…

  35. I completely agree with you on this one …
    From my experience, I have been through hardship for a while, when I was little i recognized that my mother had chosen a man she loved more than herself, he was a narcissist and she was codependent. You see the men who are good with their tongues, those who can seduce a woman and play games with her heart, most of the time are the most insecure and those who want to destroy the confident caring woman because they know she is better than then….And by this i mean MORALLY, i connect religion to all of this because i realized I kept falling for narcissist, but I always refused the abuse because i had seen my mom suffer since she loved him more than herself. her compassion was so great she wanted to save him, because she knew his ego was trying to take over him….. The truth is women around the world try to save these men they feel a need to rescue them and that makes them love them. however it is no woman’s responsibility to do such things. these men need to find their way on their own, they have to be responsible for their actions, because form the time they were children they were taught that they could get away with anything, which is why many get away with breaking a woman’s heart. We need to learn as women that we will not let them get away with playing with our hearts.. So I say NO it is not wise to love a man more that he loves you, because many men out there are irresponsible and we need to let them know that they cannot abuse us or confuse us…. In the bible eve fell for the lies of a snake, men that we start idolizing more than ourselves are just like that snake trying to seduce us into taking the road of lust which are those butterflies we feel is love…. but that is not love, Love is letting the men find their own way, not giving in into their demands, and loving ourselves a little more than we love them… Loving them the way we would love our children by teaching them right form wrong and disciplining them to understand that in life in every aspect there are boundaries that they should not cross… Because when a man really loves you, he might not be good with words, but he shows you compassion and shows you respect, and many women fall for the snake who if many of you have not noticed, always find it fun to mess with your head, they think it’s a game and they feel powerful and happy that they can cause us to go crazy… they will always control the dumb women with lust… so when you think of true love… think of the love you would have for a son… do not spoil them to the point they become irresponsible… love responsibly and always choose a man who loves you more, because that is how your children will grow up to see the compassion that both men and women have for one another… there is no other way to fix this world and fight against that snake….
    Only women are able to love more responsibly, and if they make a big effort they can become more giving but only with those men who show them responsibility and respect ….when you idolize a man… it’s always a red flag….

  36. Bullshit. So basically, your implying that woman should marry for self-benefit and life-long security. Oh please, my ass. If you think that’s what “True Love” is, then I’m utterly flabbergasted. I mean, c’mon now, like really? Love is a simple thing that humans repetitively complicate with no means as to why. You should spend the rest of your life with the person you’d do absolutely anything for and can’t see another day without. Whether they love you more, or you do them. Woman or Men more invested or not, gender shouldn’t matter.
    What does though’, is Love.
    And if your too scared to be a little hurt in the mix of things – which is inevitable in all circumstances regardless – than your too scared to Love. Plain and simple. I’m not trying to badger, but seriously, Love is taken so lightly nowadays and misused and thrown around blindly that it’s become the spotlight of multiple blog spots, where all-day internet surfers roam around for “insightful truths to their life-long journey”. Whoever says they found “they have finally found the answer that they’ve been searching for” on any sort of shit like this, seriously needs a wake up call. Like hello? Reality check over here dude… Anyways, this is just MY opinion; so, therefore, don’t take it of too much offense if your angered by this read -well, if you even bothered. After all, it’s just a bloggers site. & I also hope that too gave some new “insight to Love”. for you Oh, and shouldn’t experience rule over words of advice from a devoted family member? Thought so.
    “Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.” ~ Buddha.
    Done and done ❤

  37. Reblogged this on fuschiapad.

  38. Totally can relate to your article.
    The fairly tale dreams sadly do not exist or if it does only lucky few get a chance to experience it.

    Nevertheless I truly enjoyed your article 🙂

  39. Awesome.. This is so true. After having a breakup last year(it was a intense n passionate rel), i have just started dating a guy. I feel so secure and happy when he is around.. Just hope that it all turns out good.. 🙂

  40. Thank you. I’ve been head over heels in lust and wished for more but it’s so much better to feel cherished and secure with someone whom you enjoy the company of.

  41. I’m 5yrs late with this comment but your article is timeless in its appeal and I’m glad I came across it. Thank you for sharing. I’m not married and neither am I in a relationship but I’m in love with my best friend and just a coupla hours ago, he told me he loves me more than he does himself. So naturally I had to find out what on earth that means, and that brought me here. I can’t wait to finish typing here so I can read your other posts…

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